Triangular Bandage

A TRIANGULAR BANDAGE  is a piece of clothing material that can be utilized in an emergency.  Among all the bandages, it  is practically is the most readily available since you can convert any clothing material into a triangular bandage in the event of an emergency. A bandage can be utilized for the following purposes below:

  • to hold the dressing in place
  • to prevent infection
  • for direct pressure
  • for armsling
  • to hold splints together

Types of Bandages

There are different types of bandages. These can be applied to different areas. Some of them are utilized for specific reasons. Some of these are the following:

  • elastic Bandage, roller bandage, self adhering roller bandage, gauze rollers, adhesive tapes, Triangular Bandage



Triangular Bandage

From among the different types of bandages available, the triangular bandage is is more appropriate during emergency situations considering that these type of bandage can easily be secured out of any clothing material. May it be at home, or in the office or practically anywhere.

If you can recall during the scouting days, our scarf is  in a form of a triangle. This is because our scarf has a double purpose. It can also be utilized as a bandage.

The different types of bandages above are of course very useful. However, this could not be available all the time considering that an accident or emergency may happen anytime even on the most unexpected places. This is therefore the reason why the triangular bandages are the most popular among them.

Aside from its availability, the triangular bandages can be applied to almost all areas. From head to foot, you can always maneuver the bandage in such a way that it can be useful.

close bandage


There is also no problem in so far as sizes  are concerned considering that the triangular bandage can easily be folded into different sizes in order to apply to different areas of the body. For practical applications, the bandage may be utilized as OPEN (triangular bandage), Broad (one fold cravat), Semi Broad (two folds cravat) and CLOSE (three folds cravat).  May the patient be an adult,  a child or an infant, triangular bandage can always be adjusted.

The ideal size of the Triangular Bandage is 36 inches on the sides and 52 inches on the base.

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