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Michael Jordan Earns More Money after playing basketball

photo courtesy from wikimedia commons

I guess everyone agrees that Michael Jordan is considered one of the greatest athletes or greatest all time player in the history of basketball and perhaps in the history of sports. Jordan won six titles with the Chicago Bulls. One of those winning seasons is recently featured in the  ESPN documentary The Last Dance.  This is a ten part docuseries starts with  Netflix on July 19, whih covers the Bulls’ historic 1997-8 season. The show that perhaps explains why Michael Jordan is a living legend.

From the estimate of Forbes website, Jordan is worth around $2.1 billion which makes him the first every billion dollar athlete. But many do not know that the multi talented player earned more in his post career compared to the time while he was still playing basketball. Based on Business Insider, he earned a total of $90 million of which $63 million coming from the final two seasons with the Bulls, but he earned around $1.7 billion (before taxes) from corporate partners..

To name a few, Michael was known for his shoe deal with Nike, other than that he also had sponsorhip deals with Gatorade and Hanes. You might also consider that Jordan bought a majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets in 2010 for a grossed-up value of $175 million and he agreed to sell a minority stake in the Hornets in September 2019 in a deal that valued the team at $1.5 billion.

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