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      First aid is immediate aid for a sick or injured person. A rescuer provides this relief to the victim while making sure that the victim and those around them (including themselves) are safe. Sometimes an injury is minor and can be treated by a worker in the workplace without further assistance. For example injuries such as minor burns, cuts, and bruises. A lifeguard has several tasks in an emergency. Some of them will argue here.

      Assess the situation in a timely manner

      Recognition of dangers for the patient, oneself, and all those present in the workplace. In assessing the situation, they need to find ways to deal with the danger. By putting themselves at risk, first aid responders indirectly endanger bystanders and the patient himself. Therefore, it is important that the rescuer can quickly assess the situation and make sure that no one, including himself, is in immediate danger.

      Establish the Uninterrupted Air Flow

      Through the airways of an unconscious patient. First aiders need to know how to clear the airway so that the patient can get a good supply of air. You need to know how to tilt your head and lift your chin. Then the patient should be brought into a stable lateral position, which a rescuer should also be able to do. It is important that the patient takes a breath and that this simple procedure is sufficient in most cases.

      Arrange for the right kind of help

      Call the emergency number for an ambulance if things are serious, or take them to a hospital or send them to a hospital if things are serious but probably won’t get worse. For less serious medical conditions, suggest seeing a doctor if you are concerned or the condition worsens. You should stay with them forever until you can leave them with proper care. Life-threatening injuries and illnesses should be given priority.

      Give first aid treatment

      Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or pressure on bleeding wounds. Life-threatening injuries and illnesses should be given priority over less serious cases.

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