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      The story begun last September of this year when a friend of mine from Davao City asked me for a favor. She and her partner was scheduled for an interview in Cebu City concerning their Canadian Visa. What they needed was a clearance to visit Cebu for the said interview. She was able to contact a certain barangay thru email thinking that the Barangay she contacted to has the jurisdiction of the building for her specific visit. Unfortunately the barangay replied that the building that they are about to visit “ Does Not Belong To The Jurisdiction of the Barangay”. Such response disappointed my friend considering that the plane tickets were already booked and she only had a few days to get the certification. It would have been easier if the Barangay responded with an additional information to help her out and make things a little bit easier.

      To make the long story short, I’ve manage to verify the exact Barangay who has jurisdiction to the said building and was able to contact the personnel in charge. It was almost lunch time but the person I was able to talk to was very accommodating and provided me details on how to help my friend. She was even helpful enough to give me her personal mobile number as well as her FB account so that my friend from Davao can get in touch with her and help her with her concerns.

      The person I’m referring to is Mam Juliet Canasa of Barangay Luz, Cebu City. True to her word, my friend from Davao was able to get the certification for her and her partner to visit Cebu despite the time constraints. As you can see, the plane tickets and accommodation were booked already and all that was needed was the certification. Without it, the plane tickets and the accommodation will be useless.

      I know that this is just a minor thing but the way she handled everything is big for me and for my friend in Davao. So I’m writing this to thank here personally and to give a shout out to Barangay Luz for having such a wonderful public servant in person of Mam Juliet. If all of the public servant have the attitude and passion like Mam Juliet, I’m sure our society will be a better place to live. May you continue to serve mam and help many other people and may your kindness and compassion will come back to you a thousand folds!

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      Thank you again sir jo and maam juliet! ❤️

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