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      Cosplay fans turned out in colorful droves for Day Three of New York Comic Con at Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Center Saturday.  <br>While film, TV and comics industry celebrities shuffled from room to room participating in panels to talk up their upcoming projects, cosplay enthusiasts took over the outside areas, showing off their creative sides with a bevy of imaginative costumes that paid homage to their favorite characters.  <br>The intricate costumes, which can take months to handcraft, touched on every corner of the pop culture spectrum, ranging from household name Hollywood blockbuster characters to the relatively obscure. <br> A man is seen here heading to the Javits Center, dressed as Aquaman, complete with trident<br> Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. were a popular choice for cosplayers. Two men added a hip-hop flavor to their Mario and Luigi costumes (left), while another man took the more traditional route with his Raccoon Mario<br> These men dressed up as Venom (left, holding Spider-Man’s mask) and Captain America (right, wearing Thanos’ glove)<br> The entire Marvel Universe appears to have met up for this group shot, which included Spider-Man (in red), X-Men’s Mystique (in blue), Wolverine (far right), Thor (winged helmet) <br> One man took a graphic approach to his Silver Surfer costume, which came complete with a reflective silver surfboard<br> A very accurate recreation of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas hero, Jack Skellington<br> Three different takes on another Tim Burton classic character are seen here: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice and Beetlejuice <br> This man created a beautifully rendered, pop art version of the Nintendo Mario character, complete with mini Bowser, caged Boo and a bazooka<br>Among the most popular cosplayer pics were costumes based off of hit comics franchises. <br>The Marvel fans showed up in full force, wearing their best takes on characters recently seen in Avengers movies, such as Spider-Man, Venom, Captain America and Thor. X-Men characters including Wolverine, Mystique, Beast and Archangel were also spotted in the crowd of thousands. <br>On the opposite side of the comic book world spectrum were DC comics heroes and villains, with multiple variations of Joker and Harley Quinn, as well as Batman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Too-Face. <br>Also popular were Dark Horse Comics characters Hellboy, Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.  <br>A multitude of anime and manga fans were also present at NYCC. <br>Naruto costumes were highly prevalent, as were groups dresse
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