Saying “Hello” in Different Languages


Perhaps hello is most likely the first thing that you will learn in studying a new language… Considering that it is a basic greeting and surely is a great way to get started.


Spanish is the second–most spoken language in America by a long way—it has about 37 million speakers. Hello in Spanish is “hola” with a silent H, so its “oh-la”.


An informal way to say “hello” in French is “salut,” pronounced “sal-ou” with a silent T. Technically French people use the word “Bonjour” pronounced as “bone-zhoor” which means “good day”.


To say “hello” in Italian in a more formal way, say “salve” pronounce as “sal-vay”, which means “be well.” In the informal way, Italy’s “hello” is short and direct to the point which is “ciao” pronounce as “chao” and this can also mean “goodbye”.


Mandarin Chinese has over a billion worldwide speakers. “Nǐ hǎo” pronounce as “nee haow”, is “hello” in Chinese. Another way of saying it is “nǐn hǎo” pronounce as “neen haow which is used in a more formal context, especially if addressing an older person.


If your planning to take a vacation in Hawaii, then you should learn “uh-loh-ha”. This means “hello” and “goodbye” but can also convey love, peace, and compassion.


“Konnichiwa,” or こんにちは in Japanese characters, technically means “good afternoon” but is also a more general, somewhat formal greeting. It’s pronounced the way it is spelled, “koh-nee-chi-wha,” but the W sound is very light.


“Salaam,” or سلام in Arabic characters, actually means “peace,” but in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and other countries where Arabic is spoken, it’s also a common way to say “hello. It is pronounce as “sah-lahm.” This is not just for greeting someone but also wishing peace.


In German, say “guten Tag” pronounce as “guden tahc“, which means “good day,” Or you can just say “hallo!”


“Shalom,” pronounced “shah-lohm” and written as “שלום,” is used to mean “hello” and “goodbye,” and also translates to “peace.”


“Namaste” is “hello” in Hindi, quite popular in the U.S. as a yoga salutation or dismissal. Pronounce as “nah-mah-stay” which is a slight mispronunciation. Ideally the right way to say it is “nuhm-uh-stay.”


“Chào” is the most common way to say “hello” in Vietnamese, and it’s pretty much pronounced how it looks: like “chao,” with a similar vowel sound to the Italian “hello”! However, it’s not a “ch” sound like we’re used to in English. It’s more like “tchao” or “jao.” “Chào” is also usually paired with a title that indicates the age and gender of the addressee.

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