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Sa panahon ngayon, immunity ang priority, take POWER C.

Vitamin C is essential for our body para di tayo madaling hawaan ng malalang sakit at alam niyo ba na ang sodium ascorbate na nasa POWER C ay alkaline kaya mabilis itong ma-dissolve at ma-absorb ng ating katawan? Kaya choose the #1 Non-Acidic Vitamin C in The Philippines!

POWER C has the perfect formula to fight against viruses. It supercharges and enhanced by the superfoods with ROSEHIP, CAMU CAMU, and MORINGA. 

ROSEHIP are so full of Vitamin C. It contains 60 times (60x) the vitamin C found in an orange. Known to be one of nature’s richest sources of natural vitamin C, rosehips are a wholefood, a true superfood, delivering a wide range of health benefits.

CAMU CAMU has been used for a variety of viral infections, such as the common cold sores, chronic fatigue syndrome, eye conditions like cataracts, and hardening of the arteries, among several other conditions.

POWER C has MORINGA extract to get the perfect formula of the Vitamin along with Rosehip and Camu Camu. It supercharges the POWER C with Protein, Calcium, Iron, Fiber, Vitamin A and C, Potassium, Carbohydrate, Sodium, and Calories.

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