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is the name used to describe blood loss. It can refer to blood loss inside the body, called internal bleeding. Or it can refer to blood loss outside of the body, called external bleeding. Blood loss can occur in almost any area of the body and the severity of bleeding depends on the wounds as well as the vessels involve.

There were four methods in controlling bleeding based on the previous guidelines.

  1. Direct Pressure
  2. Elevation
  3. Pressure Points
  4.  Torniquet

QUESTION 1. Based on the latest guidelines, what is or are the methods in controlling bleeding?

  2. Sucking Chest Wound

A sucking chest wound is a hole in the chest (from a gunshot wound, stabbing or other puncture wound) that makes a new pathway for air to travel into the chest cavity.


QUESTION 2. What is the latest guideline in handling sucking chest wound?

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Bleeding Control:

Continues DIRECT PRESSURE is the the standard method of controlling bleeding. Maintain pressure until bleeding stops.

If direct pressure is unable to control bleeding on the limb(s), use TORNIQUET.

TORNIQUET can be considered as a first step in controlling bleeding if direct pressure cannot be applied effectively ( mass casualty), or a person with large or multiple injuries, a dangerous environment, or for an inaccessible wound.

When direct pressure is unable to control bleeding and torniquet cannot be applied such as chest, abdomen, or groin, HEMOSTATIC DRESSING can be applied with clot promoting agents.


Sucking Chest Wound

Control Bleeding by Direct Pressure without covering the wound with occlusive dressing. Placing an airtight dressing over the wound is NO LONGER RECOMMENDED as a first aid treatment due to the possibility of an unintended rise of pressure in the chest.

Take note however that people with higher degree of training may apply treatment based on their level of training.





Basic Firefighting Seminar in Maria Montessori International School- Talamban, Cebu Campus

We have conducted Basic Firefighting Seminar to Grade 10 CAT students of the Maria Montessori International School.

Maria Montessori International School (MMIS) Talamban Campus is located in Bgy. San Jose, Talamban Cebu City. The school is a private acadame composed of the preschool as well as Grade School and High School Departments.

The seminar was spearheaded by their adviser Mr. Julius Yburan who is very active in training the students on the aspect of First aid and safety.

The program started with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem shortly after the short prayer.

During the seminar, the students were taught the basic principles of fire, and of course the use of the fire extinguisher. Evacuation procedures were also thought as well as aiding someone in the event of evacuation.


It is very important that at a young age, a person will know what to do in such cases. We have to consider that anyone can be in a situation where a fire suddenly happens and knowing what to do and how to act on such event will surely make the difference between survival or death, between injury and being well.

Our training center is committed to educate and train people may it be at a young age. After all, calamities and disaster does not choose a victim.

To the young Grade 10 CAT students… My Salute! To their adviser, our sincerest gratitude and our outmost respect…….

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Modern Day Heroes Living Within Us…..

What is a hero? The dictionary describes a hero as a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life for a great cause. But anyone can be a hero within the eyes of other people. For me a hero is someone who inspires people in doing small or great things for the benefit of a few or many without considering monetary concerns. From the eyes of the child, their father could be their hero.  From the eyes of the wife, their husband could be their hero. In this modern society, heroes live within us.


February 5, 2017 Sunday, Alta Vista, Cordova, Cebu

Two children drowned in the pool. Both were brothers, aged 7 & 8 years old. They were in the pool area with other kids playing. The elder brother was eating and was a bit close to the edge of the pool about 5 feet deep when suddenly was bumped by a child who was running around the area with other kids. He fell into the water and struggled to swim back to the side of the pool. He got tired and drowned. His 7 year old brother came to his brother’s aid but to no avail and likewise drowned. No one noticed the incident until a guy went in for a dip in the water and noticed that he felt something under. It was the 8 year old boy, lifeless lying flat under the pool. He pulled out the kid and called for medical assistance. It was at this moment that people in the area started gathering at the scene. The other child was still in the water and was only pulled out when one staff of the area saw the child lying flat on the pool as the rest of the people were already focused on the first victim. Both children were lifeless and it could not be determined as to how long they were underwater.


Screenshot of Dee Dee Yhani (facebook) video

Reavo Members were at the area attending a double birthday celebration. Was celebrating her birthday as well as her son (double celebration). Prior to the arrival of the medical personnel our heroes provided the most important thing that anyone can do… CPR.

Our Modern Day Heroes:

REAVO CEBU, and REAVO Members Harvey “Harvs/Harvski” De la Victoria and Wendy Mirambel.



From the words of Harvey himself :

I did my initial assessment on my patient (8 year old victim). Airway is blocked due to too much food intake. There was no breathing and no pulse as well.  I cleared the food content that was obstructing the child’s mouth and proceeded to CPR. After about 30 compressions, my patient gagged and vomited so I placed my patient to recovery position to remove the rest of the food contents to clear the airway. Once everything was cleared my patient became unconscious again and went back into respiratory and cardiac arrest. I reposition the victim to provide CPR again. Shortly after the my 2nd cycle the victim vomited and life was back. I did the same thing… placed the victim on recovery and cleared the remaining food contents in the mouth. Once again the patient went back into arrest and again I proceed with another 30 compressions to which my patient recovered again. This time, it was all well. Upon placing him on recovery position, the patient recovered slowly. I noticed continues breathing and pulse present.  I never left my patient until he regained his energy. After several minutes while he regained his energy, he vomited in a projectile manner the water that he ingested from the pool.

Wendy’s patient: (2 man rescue)

Wendy provided  compressions on the child (7 years old) while a family member of her provided rescue breath. They went through all the assessment of the boy until they saw signs of life. A total of 2 cycles of CPR were provided and shortly thereafter the victim recovered.

We then turned over the patients to the responding ambulance personnel. We made a follow up on the patients and both of them completely recovered with no brain damage.

For sure without the care provided, the victims may have not survived. We can see a lot of videos posted online were people provide the wrong care and naturally we can see the consequences of such actions. We certainly hope that more and more people will learn the right way of providing Basic Life Support so that when the moment comes, a bigger chance of survival is attained.







HARVEY “Harvs/Harvski” DE LA VICTORIA is 29 years old from Mandaue City. A nursing graduate and currently working as a Claims Officer in a Shared Services Company and does creative writing with Cebu Tours on the side line. An active volunteer REAVO (Radio Emergency And Volunteer Organization) Cebu. Reavo Cebu is a private institution or group that had been serving the community for 3 years already.





WENDY MIRAMBEL is a mother of 2 children. The birthday celebrant at the time of the incident. She works online as a General Virtual Assistant and at the same time works as the company secretary on their own business. Also a REAVO member inspired by her husband who have joined REAVO earlier.






REAVO CEBU is a private institution organized about 3 years ago providing communication and emergency assistance in the locality. Currently the group has one ambulance and is active in civic work activities particularly in the emergency situations. Members of the unit are from different fields of profession and business.



I am sure that there are people out there who does the same. We hope that your numbers will multiply and we salute all of you for making a difference in the lives of many, for saving lives, for being heroes in these modern days….


Making a Difference….

zep tonA few years back, while conducting BLS ACLS training in Cagayan De Oro City, a participant from Pagadian City in the name of Mr. Joseph Toniacao R.N.  joined our training together with his friends (workmates) in the hospital. They decided to join the training considering that it is a requirement for their application abroad.
Shortly after the training, he invited our team to conduct similar training in his city. It was indeed our pleasure to conduct the training and to make the long story short, we have conducted several batches of training in his area with Mr. Toniacao being the coordinator.

We are indeed proud to have Mr. Tonicao as a participant and as a coordinator and is indeed very happy to know what he has accomplished for the past years in his medical career.


zep ton 1


Only few R.N.’s are given the opportunity to intubate patients in our area and Mr. Toniacao is one of them. He has attributed his knowledge and skilsl to the training that we have provided but I can say that it is all because of him. Surely Mr. Toniaco is making a difference and because of this, we find it worthy to write this post to honor such an accomplishment.






Currently he is planning to go abroad to find a greener pasture. We wish you the best sir! I am sure with your abilities and skills you will surely go a long long way. We also hope that through this post, you will become an inspiration to your fellow nurses in making a difference!