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      The online platform is an entirely new form of learning for me. I like how we can interact with the teachers and with my classmates. I got to see my old classmates and some new ones as well. There are challenges which I found a little discouraging, because of how many of the tasks the teachers gave us, but I know that they are starting to lessen the tasks they give to us.Never the less, it is a challenge we have to face. Adapting to the new normal is the key which I found out the hard way. In the end, it’s one experience I will never forget.

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      Jan Marlon Cabactulan

      For me online class is effective only if the student is very willing or committed in studying. Many students are taking for granted the position or situation they are in just to get their desired grades and not the learning. It is also the same in Face to face class but online class is very vulnerable from cheating students.

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      Adrian Dagonton

      In my own opinion, online class is very helpful but many people do not realize this. With the current pandemic, online class is unavoidable. This new normal helps us not only educationally, but also by preventing to catch the disease because online class makes us stay at home and avoid going out with your friends. But the problem is that many people are new to it and most of them will find it very difficult to study.

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